7 Natural Remedies To Reduce Your Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a natural byproduct of the liver and a necessary component of good health. Normal cholesterol is essential for cellular repair and development. It plays a critical role in the improvement of memory and learning, is the precursor to vitamin D production, and synthesizes sex hormones and natural steroids — which control blood sugar, fluid balance and blood pressure. It helps to convert fats in the liver, and is a potent antioxidant acting to scavenge free radicals and reduce metabolic syndrome.

About 20% of the myelin sheath that overlies the nerve cells and fibers are consisted of cholesterol, even neuronal function depends on cholesterol, therefore it is crucial for cognitive and mental functioning.

The body synthesizes cholesterol as much as it is necessary, it adjusts the output based on the level of cholesterol ingested through diet. The more cholesterol you include in your diet the less the liver tries to produce.

The American Heart Association notes that cholesterol isn’t dissolved in the blood and must be transported throughout the body by lipoproteins. Research indicates that HDL, the high density “good” cholesterol, guards the cardiovascular system. LDL, or low density “bad” cholesterol, can build deposits on arteries. Problems occur when HDL levels are reduced, creating inflammation in the cardiovascular system. Too little HDL cholesterol prevents production of pain-controlling steroid hormones, limits the body’s ability to properly digest foods, and damages the body’s ability to create energy reserves. Too little HDL leads to pain and inflammation, which is the real cause of heart disease, according to the latest studies.

Natural remedies and cures for normal cholesterol levels

Red Yeast Rice

Chinese red yeast rice helps balance normal levels of cholesterol. Red yeast rice contains substances called monacolins, which are naturally-occurring and converted by the body to make a chemical inhibiting the production of cholesterol.

Green Tea

Green tea contains various compounds that lower LDL cholesterol levels. A study performed in Brazil where people consumed green tea extract in capsules resulted in a 4.5 percent lowering of LDL cholesterol levels.


Eating nuts regularly, especially walnuts and almonds, may help reduce cholesterol levels of LDL cholesterol.


Pomegranate contains antioxidants, especially polyphenols. Antioxidants are believed, to offer many protective benefits to our bodies and the functioning of the heart, including the reduction of low density lipoprotein (LDL). Research has shown that pomegranates can assist in the prevention or treatment of various disorders such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, oxidative stress, hyperglycaemia, and inflammatory activity.

Artichoke Leaf Extract

Artichoke leaf extract my help lower cholesterol levels by limiting its synthesis in the our bodies. Additionally, the extract may increase the flow of cholesterol excretion from the liver.

Soluble Fiber

Slow the absorption of cholesterol in the intestines by consuming foods such as oats, legumes, prunes, apples, carrots, broccoli and yams, all high in soluble fiber. Five to 10 grams daily can produce a 5 percent reduction in LDL cholesterol.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps to remove cholesterol by converting it to bile acids which are excreted from the intestine. Studies have shown that taking vitamin C before a meal prevents fat being absorbed and channeled into the bloodstream.

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