Κρυολογήματα Ιώσεις πρωτόγαλα colostrum

Winter and colds just seem to go hand-in-hand. Fortunately, every mammal naturally produces the amazing, immune-boosting miracle that is colostrum. Colostrum,the first food of life is the secretion from the mammary glands before a mothers milk starts to flow. It is provided in the first 24 to 48 hours, and provides essential nutrients for the immune system.

Researchers now believe that the benefits of colostrum are innumerable. If you have a compromised immune system or are just looking for a boost to your healthy immune system, colostrum may be the jump-start you need to fight off common illnesses like colds, flu, allergies, bronchitis , any infection or immune-related chronic diseases such as cancer.

Colostrum contains numerous immunoglobulins, which help boost your immune system and provide protection against invading bacteria and viruses. It’s also a good source of the probiotic acidophilus, which helps prevent gastrointestinal infections, including diarrhea.

The most common form of supplemental colostrum is bovine colostrum. While it is very similar to human colostrum at the molecular level, it actually contains even more immune-enhancing properties. Bovine colostrum is replete with transfer factors such as hydrogen peroxide and IgG-type immunoglobulins. Our healthy cells regularly produce hydrogen peroxide to attack invading pathogens; in fact, doctors in the British army who were aware of this fact used intravenous hydrogen peroxide to treat influenza in India.

By boosting your immune system, colostrum also proves an effective anti-cancer treatment. As you may already know, cancer is related to immune deficiency. Cancer cells develop in our bodies all the time, but our immune systems effectively kill the cancer cells before they further develop and symptomatically appear as the disease we know as “cancer.” The development of cancer indicates that the immune system was ineffective in fighting the malignant cells that appeared; these cells took advantage of a weakened state, grew, and spread out of control.

Research has shown that colostrum should be from a dairy, where there is no use of hormones, antibiotics, nuclear contamination, or pesticides. It should be prepared without freezing and excessive heat. It should be water soluble, and for best effect, in powder form. Pasture-fed herds are preferred source of colostrum. These herds produce colostrum that contains more beneficial enzymes, which assist in the assimilation of the colostrum and is a more diversified immune source. The bovine only supplies colostrum to it’s young at birth, and there is no placental transfer of antibodies. The human infant gets 60% of it’s antibody protection via the placenta and 40% from the mother’s milk during the first two days after birth, as do many other species. This fact allows them to survive on milk replacement.

As you can understand, colostrum not only protects you from flu and the various viruses that can attack your immune system but has remarkable benefits for your overall health and can affect positively the quality of your life.

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