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Biodegradable Cleaning Product for our Little Friends

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Eliminates any odor from the space used by pets. Use it fearlessly directly on the animals to clean their feet.

Spray on the desired areas and leave the product to act. No need to rinse.

At Vitamelia we offer products for all the needs of the household and the professional, which are manufactured in Greece with a quality system certified according to ISO 9001: 2008, are notified to the competent authorities and comply with the European Legislation on detergents.


VitaMelia cleaners are:

  • Non-flammable
  • Non-caustic
  • Free of Phosphorus, Allergens, EDTA, Chlorine & Ammonia
  • Surfactants are biodegradable in the environment in accordance with 648/2004 / EC
  • Suitable for any washable surface, dissolving oil spills, as well as decontaminating birds or animals
  • Effective against grease, oil grease, oil, burning oils in kitchens & ovens and all kinds of dirt
  • Ideal for floors of any material
  • They clean windows, walls, bathrooms & carpets


Vitamelia cleaners do not need special measures and means of protection during use and storage.

Ingredients: Aqua / Isotridecanol, ethoxylated / Sodium Laureth Sulfate / Sodium Hydroxide / Monosodium Citrate / Perfume
Ingredient information:

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