Biosophica Shampoo & Shower Gel 2 in 1 (250ml)


Shiny, Healthy Hair & Hydrated Skin


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Shampoo & Shower Gel 2 in 1

Active Ingredients: Organic Aloe, Organic Honey, Panthenol- Provitamin B5,
Organic Sage Water, Mild Cleansing Factors 100% of Plant Origin ”

Gentle shampoo and body shower gel together suitable for the most sensitive skin. Enriched with organic edible Honey and organic Aloe extract rich in vitamins and minerals, they nourish and soften the skin uniquely while giving shiny and healthy hair. Provitamin B5 penetrates the hair and offers hydration and smooth appearance, while the high percentage of organic Sage Water provides strong antioxidant protection and soothes the skin. Mild product suitable for daily bathing.


Mild Detergents 100% Herbal

They respect the hydrolipid layer of the skin and do not disturb its normal moisture. They do not contain sulfonates (SLES, SLS free) and are easily biodegradable. Specially designed not to cause dryness or irritation.

100% Organic Edible Honey

Rich in vitamins, it deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin and hair, while leaving a unique feeling of softness. With mild antiseptic properties it offers deep cleansing.

100% Organic Aloe Extract

Source of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, but also amino acids that are the "building blocks" of proteins. Thanks to its ingredients and their synergy, it offers soothing and soothing action and enhances skin renewal and hair health.

Panthenol- Provitamin B5

Hydrates effectively. Its moisturizing abilities are ideal for the treatment of dehydrated skin and damaged hair, restoring their lost elasticity.

Organic Sage Water

Regulates oiliness in the skin and helps control open pores. It is an excellent antiseptic with antibiotic and antifungal action while it also acts as an antioxidant. Due to its caring properties, it is particularly beneficial for the hair and scalp as it controls hair loss and dandruff, while toning and giving shine to dry and sensitive hair.



Use a small amount of shampoo on well-wet hair, gently massaging all over the scalp and rinse. In the daily shower, apply on wet skin with gentle circular motions and rinse with plenty of water.

Natural Formula

No Parabens /No Soap / No Sles-SLS / No Alcohol / No Propylene Glycol / Parfum Allergen Free

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