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There are many dangerous and toxic chemicals lurking in the everyday items we use.

From our shampoo, toothpaste, body wash, shaving cream to even the vinyl shower curtain, many products found in our bathroom contain chemicals which are not only unhealthy but can significantly impair our male and reproductive health.

Men everywhere need to pay special attention to these items.

Chances are you will find at least a few of these items lurking in your bathroom.

Bathroom Items To Check:

Personal Lubricant: Many of the major brands of personal lubricants contain “Parabens”. Although there is much debate whether Parabens cause cancer, increasing studies show Parabens do cause serious hormone disruption.  A Japanese study showed that exposure to butylparaben reduced sperm count in men and caused “feminization of boys”.  This should be reason enough to stop using all products that contain Parabens.

Shampoos, Body Wash & Fragrance Products:  If it smells good, chances are it may not be good for you. Many body washes, cleansers, bubble baths and other nicely fragranced products may contain DEA (diethanolamins), MEA (monethanolamine) or TEA (triethanolamine). These chemicals have been shown to be carcinogens and hormone disruptors. It is always wise to check the ingredients of non-food ingredients. Although we don’t “eat” non-food items, many of the chemicals in these products are none-the-less absorbed by the skin.

Shaving Gels: Many popular shaving gels also contain Parabens and since a large appeal of shaving gels is their fragrance, often more than one Paraben will be listed in the ingredients to help with maintaining the shelf life of the fragrance.

Vinyl Shower Curtain: Vinyl curtains contain high concentrations of chemicals which have been linked to reproductive system problems. One study found high concentrations of phthalates which cause reproductive problems. High levels of phthalates have also been associated with poor sperm quality in men and low testosterone levels.


What is the Potential Effects on Men?

There is an increasing amount of scientific evidence to support exposure to many of these (everyday) chemicals can directly reduce semen quality, result in low sperm count, male infertility, lower testosterone levels, hormonal changes, and potentially be linked to testicular and prostate cancer.


List of Toxic Bathroom Ingredients:

Check the ingredients in your bathroom for these potentially dangerous ingredients:

DEA (diethanolamins)  MEA (monethanolamine)  TEA (triethanolamine)  BPA (Bisphenoal A)

MethylParaben  ButylParaben  EthylParaben  PropylParaben


Differences Between Male & Female Skin

  • Male skin is about 25 percent thicker than that of a woman’s. A man’s skin also thins gradually with age, whereas the thickness of a woman’s skin remains constant until about the age of fifty.
  • Men have a higher collagen density than women.
  • The texture of male skin is very different than that of a woman’s. Male skin texture is rougher and the stratum corneum is thicker.
  • Men do not develop the fine wrinkling seen in mature female skin but only coarse facial folds associated with subcutaneous fat loss.
  • Men have larger pores and produce more sebum. Since men do not enter menopause, their sebum production remains the same throughout their life.
  • Males produce more eccrine and apocrine sweat. Men sweat more than twice as much as women and are more prone to heat-induced sweating.
  • Males have more lactic acid in their sweat, which accounts for a lower pH (.05 lower) compared to female sweat.
  • Male skin tends to be better hydrated than female skin.
  • Acne, dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis are more common in males than females due to higher sebum levels.
  • Male scalps produce 50% more sebum than female scalps.
  • Men have a weaker scalp barrier function than women
  • Males possess more deeply pigmented skin.
  • Men have terminal hairs over their entire body from the face, chest and to the back of the feet.
  • Men have more shaving related skin issues, including ingrown hairs and razor burn.
  • Men have higher levels of testosterone, which can also effect collagen production, blood flow, and the number of granular cells.


What is the Protocol?

Take a few minutes and read the labels of the shampoo, toothpaste, shaving cream, personal lubricants and other toiletries you use so you can take charge of your sexual health and wellness .

Make sure the products you expose your skin to are safe and become familiar of the numerous chemicals that exist in our everyday environment which pose a threat to our masculinity and reproductive abilities.


After doing your own research, we recommend you to have a look here.




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