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There’s been much publicity over the past number of years with regards to stem cells and skincare. While stem cells are now being utilized in products applied topically to the skin, they aren’t embryonic or human cells because it is impossible to incorporate live materials into a skincare product.  Instead, these products are being created with specialized peptides and enzymes or plant derived stem cells which, when applied topically on the surface produce amazing anti-ageing and protective properties for our skin.


Skin Damage

Our skin is quite sensitive and due to its constant exposure to different influences throughout the day, it can get easily damage. One of the most frequent skin cell damages are the result of:

Sun Exposure – Sun is the biggest cause of skin cell damage. This also refers to damage caused by tanning beds etc. Sun’s ultraviolet rays break down elastin and collagen. These two components are of huge importance to your skin as they keep it smooth and elastic.

Free Radicals – They are harmful for your entire body, negatively affect your overall health, and have a negative impact on your skin as well.

Smoking – This is harmful for your overall health. Smoking can damage your lungs, respiratory system; can have a negative impact on your brain etc. smoking can also cause skin cell damage. Moreover, skin of a smoker isn’t as healthy as skin of a non-smoker. Also, smoker’s skin doesn’t heal as fast as non-smoker’s. Additionally, smoking reduces elasticity of the skin which means smokers get wrinkles sooner than non-smokers.

Irritants – Chemicals in various products you use can cause skin to become red, appearance of rashes, or even allergies, all of which can damage skin cells. Some people have a sensitive skin that gets irritated even after using soap. Additionally, there are more than 3000 substances in our environment that can cause various allergies. Every reaction to certain beauty product, cleaning agent etc. is bad news for your skin as that means your skin along with the entire body is “rejecting” that specific product.


Stem Cells and Skin

Stem cells are un-programmed cells that can change into cells with specific functions. They have the capacity to replenish themselves through self-renewal and also the ability to divide almost limitlessly. Cutting-edge research on plant stem cells (which are different from the controversial human stem cells studies) have demonstrated promising health benefits to human skin. A new hope for problems such as wrinkles, visible capillaries and sun damage, plant stem cells have proven to support the skin’s cellular turnover. As a way to address skin issues, stem cells of apples and edelweiss, among others, are increasingly integrated into skincare products .

The Apple of Your Skin

The once nearly extinct Uttwiler spatlauber apple tree was the biggest inspiration for using plant stem cell extracts in skincare products. Once picked, the apples from this Swiss tree lasted for months and when the skin was scratched or punctured while still on the tree, it quickly healed. Scientists unearthed the reason: unusually resilient stem cells.

Unlike most human cells, each plant-derived stem cell can generate a whole new plant. Scientists have found a way to tap into this ability by culturing U. spatlauber plant cells. The apple’s stem cells may help protect human stem cells, nourishing and defending them from UV radiation.

The benefits of plant stem cells on human skin are versatile. The best formulas also use potent hydrating ingredients like avocado extract, a natural skin conditioner that boosts skin softness and smoothness. It is rich in essential nutrients that ensure optimal skin health to prevent premature aging. Hyaluronic acid is another ingredient you should look for since it is one of the most potent natural moisturizing agents. It offers fast plumping effects that can help reduce age lines instantly.

Plant Stem cells have definitely become the biggest breakthrough in anti-aging skin care in recent years. If you want to restore or just maintain the youthful qualities of your skin, add a stem cell formulation to your skin care regimen to gain results which will satisfy you.


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