Top 9 skincare bad habits that are damaging your face!

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Most of us have a skincare routine that we stick to out of habit — it’s all about a repetition of steps you have to do day in and day out. But what if you are you repeating the wrong steps?

Here are 9 skincare mistakes that are damaging your facial skin.

1.Falling Into Bed With Your Makeup On

You can be forgiven for that one drunken night, but it can’t be a habit. “Not removing your makeup for the night clogs your pore and oil glands,” says Dennis Gross MD. “When makeup becomes impacted in pores, it makes them appear larger. Once your collagen levels decline, the pore won’t snap back as easily once it has been enlarged.” Plus, he says, it leads to inflammation.

2.Not Cleansing Properly

You may be diligent in makeup removal, but are you using the right cleanser to put your skin in optimal condition for overnight renewal? “Look for a cleanser that contains the right ingredients,” says Dr.Gross. “Things like antioxidants for protection, glycolic acid to help clear your pores, can act as a natural astringent.”

3.Over Exfoliating

It’s tempting but highly damaging in the long term to buff away too much of your top skin layer. “You’re actually removing the protective barrier that your skin has,” says Dr. Ben Johnson, founder of Osmosis Pur Medical Skincare. “Once removed, your skin is exposed to environmental toxins and sun damage, causing aging.” Exfoliate two to three times a week, max.

4.Over-Using All Of Your Products (Not Just Exfoliants)

Just like over-scrubbing, over-using your cleanser or retinol products also compromises your skin’s natural protective oil. “It isn’t necessary to cleanse in the morning and the evening,” says esthetician Andrea DeSimone. “The evening cleanse is crucial to removing dirt, oil and makeup, but during sleep, the oils that your skin produces are hydrating and balancing, so they shouldn’t be washed away in the morning.” She suggests buffing skin with a wet cotton washcloth in the morning instead of another round of cleanser.

5.Sleeping With Your Hair Out At Night

“Many people have perimeter and forehead breakouts due to the oil and hair care products that they use — especially those with long hair or bangs,” DeSimone notes. “Pull all of your hair off your face and clip your bangs back before bed.”

6.Not Moisturizing Oily Skin

Regardless of your skin type, it’s imperative that you moisturize daily and apply a heavier cream at night, says Dr. Murad. “It’s a common misconception that those with an oily skin should avoid moisturizers. In fact, it’s vital that even oily skin gets moisture because without it, skin will overcompensate for the loss of hydration [with more oil], leading to breakouts and an uneven skin texture.” Take note: Moisturizing adds water to the skin, not oil.

7.Not Wearing Sunscreen Every Day

It’s not just for the beach: The best protection against skin aging is a good sunscreen defense. “Wear it everyday, and look for one that has an SPF of 30 or higher,” says Florida-based dermatologist Marisa Potter. “It should also be broad spectrum, which means it helps to shield you from UVA rays (as well as UVB) which are known to cause photoaging of the skin.” She also advises applying sunblock to your chest and the top of your hands daily as well.

8.Using Dirty Makeup Brushes

Yes, it’s doing more damage to your skin than you think. “Invest in a brush cleaner, especially for your foundation brush,” says McElroy, skin care professional. “Keeping your brushes clean every day will ensure no dirt and old makeup buildup is going to effect your skin.”

9.Not Knowing What You Are Putting on Your Skin

How can you ever truly enjoy great skin if you don’t educate yourself on what you are putting on it? “Read up on ingredients and learn about what you are applying on yourself,” says McElroy. “Remember — price doesn’t always determine quality.”


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