ATHLETIC NUTRITION Can your athletic performance be affected by your nutrition?

Everyone dreams about getting the perfect body before going to the beach. Sometimes we alternate our nutrition choices with the products directly made for active people. Are they really good for us?

Even though sports nutrition products are not just for people who into sports or on a diet, the ingredients in these products are still essential for our everyday lives which are unfortunately lacking in our diets most of the time.

Pay attention to your protein intake

Because carbohydrates is well-known to be useful when it comes to endurance, people don’t pay much attention to protein and its vitality to endurance and high performance. Lack of protein can cause low performance level and athletes are left baffled on why they’re not performing very well despite the fact that they’ve mastered their sports nutrition.

It’s important for people, both athletes, and nonathletes to educate themselves about the importance of protein in their diets. If the major component of our bodies is water, then what is the second component? That’s right, it’s protein, so perhaps it doesn’t deserve to be overshadowed or underestimated.

Quality over quantity

It’s important to be aware of the quality of sports nutrition, it can become an issue about quantity over quality. Another factor that contributes to this is the recommended daily allowance (RDA). In this figure, you’ll see specific food items that is recommended on a daily diet.

If the sports nutrition supplement has more concentrated serving, then the recommended nutrients and amount of protein that we need for high performances will be provided. When consumed, sports nutrition products can give you high performance levels and they can be beneficial not only to athletes but to people who are on a diet or are being treated by medical professionals.

Athletes, especially those that undergo regular testing, need to be aware of the risks of supplement use such as the potential for contamination with banned substances. I always recommend that athletes choose products manufactured by a well-respected company or better yet, choose products that have been deemed safe by Informed Sport and are batch tested. Often athletes are supplied supplements by their sporting body, who will ideally, have systems in place to ensure that these supplements are safe for their athletes to use.

The other thing to be aware of before purchasing or using a specific supplement is whether or not that supplement is known to have research-based benefits.

Wisely select your supplements

Besides sports nutrition, other products can also extend further into a number of additional items too. Supplements have become necessary because these items are lacking in our diets. Glutamine and ceratine are among the examples, and both are popular among sports people and muscle builders. Instead of choosing the supplements yourself and guessing what your body may need, consult your diet with a professional and make sure you get a blood test.

In summary, supplements should never replace food, but some supplements can be used to complement a nutritious wholefoods foundation diet.

The key to boosting performance levels naturally and legally lies in the proper intake of these items.

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Adrianna Gkika
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