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jojoba oil

The jojoba seed is very rich in essential fatty acids, and it is best used topically as an oil-based product. The oil is filled with important nutrients, such as vitamins B and E, plus minerals such as copper, chromium and zinc. It has been known to work wonders for the hair and skin, which explains why more and more beauty salons use products based on its wonderful oil.

It just may be the best possible moisturizer available, as it doesn’t evaporate to the same extent or at the same speed as most water-based products do. The ongoing perception is that jojoba can balance the skin’s oil production much like sebum usually does. It’s also important to note that jojoba oil keeps its beneficial properties much longer than most other oils which often become rancid over time. Ideally, you should focus on getting organic products in order to maximize the positive effects.

A small pilot study showed that a combination of hydrolyzed jojoba with glycerol can help preserve the moisturizing effect up to 24 hours straight after application on the skin. The results confirmed that glycerol and hydrolyzed jojoba worked in tandem to prolong the moisturizing result. This study certainly encourages further research into the use of such herbs in cosmetic products.

Jojoba oil for acne

A 2012 study published in the Swiss journal Research in Complementary Medicine explained how results concluded that jojoba may very well contribute to improving acne-prone skin. During this study, 194 individuals were asked to apply a facial mask containing clay and jojoba two to three times per week for a period of approximately six weeks. The majority of the participants confirmed a serious reduction in the number of lesions and acne pustules. The only question mark remaining was the exact role played by clay in these fantastic results.

The Journal of Ethnopharmacology reported in its 2011 issue that jojoba liquid wax may help speed up the healing of skin wounds. Once again in regards to liquid wax, a 2005 study published in the Pharmacology

Jojoba oil for Hair

Constant styling and the use of harsh hair care products can cause the hair to become dry and damaged. Most commercial shampoos, conditioners and styling products contain high amounts of chemicals which can cause breakage and brittleness over time. Exposure to sunlight, dust and pollution can also affect the hair and strip away its natural moisture.

The hair requires deep conditioning in order for it to regain its natural luster and texture. One of the best ways to nourish and condition the hair is the application of jojoba oil. The oil is contained in many natural, herbal hair products such as shampoos, conditioners and hair oils. The scalp needs to be kept moisturized much like the skin on the body. A dry scalp is prone to flaking, itching and irritation. Jojoba oil works wonderfully to moisturize the scalp. The oil may be massaged directly into the scalp, and since it is absorbed easily, it will penetrate deep into the scalp. This is the perfect way to give your scalp an intense conditioning treatment. In addition, scalp massages are also very relaxing. However, ensure that you do not use too much of the oil as it may make the hair greasy. Jojoba oil has also been found to trigger new growth of hair cells. This is beneficial for those who suffer from hair fall or hair loss..

To various degrees of efficiency, some of its other beneficial effects also include the reduction of wrinkles and the improvement of skin conditions such as eczema.

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